Welcome to the Old St. Thomas Church & Churchyard website

This website has been created to inform and to share with the world, one of the oldest and most interesting historical buildings and cemeteries in the city of St. Thomas , Ontario, Canada. It is hoped that this website will inspire sufficient interest for viewers to actually come to this fair city and visit and enjoy the church and cemetery in person, as well as taking in many other highlights of the city.

The Old St. Thomas Church also includes many interesting features in the cemetery as well as inside the church. Inside the church are the old cubicle style pews, the prisoners balcony, many historical plaques on the walls, the beautiful Masonic windows, and the general old original appearance of the interior. The cemetery has an extra large tombstone, the Chisholm, monument, the witches grave, and graves of other interesting people. Pictures and stories of the above are included in the content of this website.
Trillium Foundation

We are pleased to thank our many supporters for donations that make the efforts of the Old St. Thomas Church Restoration Trust possible. We are particularly thankful to The Trillium Foundation for the funding of this website.